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How do you move a motorcycle in a tight space?


  • Moving your motorcycle in tight spaces is fast and straightforward with the Let’s Roll Motorcycle Dolly.
  • Its 1100-lb capacity and durable industrial-grade rubber padding offer maximum protection and stability during movement.
  • The ball-bearing casters enable smooth and controlled movement, allowing you to navigate tight corners and confined spaces easily, making it the ideal motorcycle dolly for the garage.
  • The single-person operation and the versatility to handle various motorcycle models make it easy to maneuver your bike confidently and precisely with no tie downs required.

Navigating your bike in cramped spaces often feels like a complex series of turns and adjustments. The Let’s Roll Motorcycle Dolly offers a simple solution to this challenge. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, this Dolly transforms the task of moving your motorcycle in confined areas into a straightforward process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of using the Let’s Roll Motorcycle Dolly, ensuring you can tackle any tight space with confidence and precision.

Understanding Let’s Roll Motorcycle Dolly

Unmatched Capacity and Durability

The Let’s Roll Dolly boasts an impressive 1200-LB capacity, catering to a wide range of motorcycles, including heavier cruisers and touring bikes. This substantial weight-bearing capacity ensures your bike is securely supported during movement.

The Let's Roll Lift has unmatched capacity and durability

The Dolly’s durable rubber padding offers maximum protection, safeguarding your motorcycle’s bottom from scratches and marks. Additionally, these rubber pads eliminate the need for tie-downs or straps while still providing stability, preventing any wobbling or sliding during movement. You can move your cherished bike confidently, knowing it will stay in pristine condition.

Effortless Single-Person Operation

One of the most notable advantages of the Let’s Roll Dolly is its single-person operation, making the task of moving and storing your motorcycle a breeze. Say goodbye to the days of struggling to find an extra set of hands or relying on complex lifting mechanisms. With the Let’s Roll Dolly, you’re in complete control, effortlessly maneuvering and positioning your motorcycle exactly where it needs to be. This process is a one-person, two-step, three-minute operation from start to finish.

Versatility for Different Motorcycle Models

With motorcycles coming in various shapes and sizes, the Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly is designed with this diversity in mind. This versatile tool accommodates a wide range of motorcycle models, meeting the needs of cruiser and touring bike owners, among others. Motorcycle enthusiasts call this the best motorcycle dolly for Harley Davidson bikes because of its ability to manage the weight and size of the larger models.

Compatibility Chart: Utilize this chart to check if your bike is compatible with the Let’s Roll Motorcycle Dolly.

Space-Saving Design

The Let’s Roll Dolly and Lift is an ideal tool for riders with a compact garage, a versatile multipurpose space, or a collection of motorcycles in need of organized storage. One of the most noticeable advantages of the Let’s Roll Dolly is its ability to keep your bike in an upright position while resting on the crossbars, a stark contrast to the space-consuming lean when stored solely on its kickstand.

The Let’s Roll Dolly not only optimizes space but also provides the capability to effortlessly navigate your bike into the tightest spots, thanks to the zero-scuff® ball bearing casters that ensure smooth and precise movements in any direction. This not only streamlines your storage setup but also frees up valuable square footage for other items or activities in your garage. Furthermore, since maintenance can be conveniently performed while your motorcycle is on the dolly, it maximizes space and enables efficient motorcycle maintenance tasks. This tool grants you greater flexibility in utilizing your garage space.
You can save even more valuable floor and shelf space with the new Let’s Roll Wall Mount Hanger. This compact, high-quality mount allows you to store your Let’s Roll Lift, Dolly, and IMAP all in one place on the wall of your garage. This makes an ideal gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life, especially if they appreciate a well-organized garage.

Getting Your Bike on the Dolly

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on securely positioning your bike onto your Dolly using the Let’s Roll Lift. You can also follow along with your own Dolly and Lift by watching the instructional video provided.

How to use the Let’s Roll Motorcycle Dolly and Lift

Moving the Bike

Once your bike is securely on the Dolly, take a moment to maneuver the Dolly around gently. You’ll notice how smooth and effortless the experience is, thanks to the high-quality casters and the stable frame of the Dolly.

The Let’s Roll Dolly’s ball-bearing casters play a crucial role in enabling smooth and controlled movement. They ensure the Dolly glides effortlessly, offering minimal resistance.

  • Precise Control: The ball-bearing casters allow you to maintain precise control over the movement of your motorcycle. Their smooth rotation ensures you can easily navigate tight corners and confined areas.
  • Utilizing Brakes: The Let’s Roll Dolly comes equipped with brakes on two of its ball-bearing casters, adding an extra layer of safety and stability. Engage the brakes when you need to park your motorcycle or temporarily halt movement, preventing any unwanted rolling.

Congratulations! With the Let’s Roll Dolly, you’ve mastered the art of maneuvering your motorcycle in tight spaces. Its unmatched capacity, durability, and user-friendly design make it the ultimate solution for effortless motorcycle movement.

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