PERFECT MOTORCYCLE STORAGE: 1 person, 1 minute, zero straps and no flat spots on tires

Home from a ride. Refreshed.

Ready to store bike. Slide lift under bike frame and crank it up using the ratchet.


Roll dolly under the bike. Zero-scuff™ wheel design leaves no marks on garage floor.

Lower bike onto rubber pads on dolly using a ratchet. Stable and secure without ties, off the wheels and suspension.

Slide out the lift and stow.

Easily maneuver the bike on the dolly into its corner of the garage. Small footprint takes up minimal room.  

Bike safely stored by one person in less than one minute. 

Grab a beer and share the afterglow of your great ride. ■

IMPERFECT MOTORCYCLE STORAGE: 2 people, velcro ties, tray for hydraulic fluid leaks

Home from a ride. Refreshed.


Ready to store bike. Interrupt someone to help you to stop the dolly moving. Roll bike onto dolly.


Tie the bike down to stabilize the bike on the dolly. (Bike load rests on wheels and suspension.) 


Maneuver bike into storage position. The dolly’s small wheels and design make this clumsy and harder overshadowing the awesome ride you just had. 

Pray that the wheels don’t scuff your garage floor and pray to the ball-bearing gods that everything works as it should requiring a repair kit.  

Pray, again there’s no hydraulic fluid leak, bike imbalance, or flat spots in tires when you’re next ready to hit the road.

Work out the best explanation to others in the household how this takes up less garage space than it appears.

Humbly thank the other person for interrupting what they were doing to help you. Promise it will never happen again. Get “the stare” that they’ve heard this before. ■


  • 1 Person Operation — “Perfect for domestic harmony”
  • Proprietary Design for 1-minute Setup
  • Smaller Footprint
  • No additional hidden fee for repair kits, velcro or tie-downs
  • Our original Zero-scuff™ 4” urethane wheel design
  • No hydraulic system, which means no leaks, stains, or clean-up
  • Dolly and Lift 100% Made in the USA
  • Every shipment comes with your Certificate of Authenticity and our exclusive 5-year warranty
  • Dolly — 1,200 LB Capacity
  • Veterans, Current Military, and First Responders get 10% off
  • Heavy-duty 10-gauge tubular steel construction
  • Super stable; your motorcycle won’t shift on the frame. The industrial rubber composition provides the cross-linking that gives incredible resilience, flexibility, and durability. The excellent material properties come from a molecular mesh structure that makes it unbeatable in terms of elasticity and resistance to aging.
  • Super easy to move and doesn’t get hung up on concrete seams
  • Bike tires are off the ground and the weight is off the suspension
  • The bike is upright, resting on the frame, not the kickstand
  • Adjustable height
  • Textured, matte black, powder coat finish