Let’s Roll Package Deal

The heavy-duty Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly with 1200 lb capacity allows for easy movement for precise storage of your motorcycle. Stable and upright with our original zero-scuff™ 4″ casters will not mark your epoxy or concrete floor. Standard with dolly is two casters with brakes installed. Good for any size motorcycle. Caster components are imported and assembled in Texas. If you have an Indian Motorcycle, Please go HERE to see if this works with your motorcycle.

The Let’s Roll Lift is super stable as well and is needed to use the dolly. Both are Made in Michigan, USA.With the Package Deal, you can get the dolly and the lift both for one great price! Save $38.

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Let's Roll Scissor Lift

The Let's Roll Lift is a scissor lift made in the USA that works well with motorcycles - big and small. Works well with a 7/8" deep well socket and swivel head ratchet. (Does not need to be a deep well or swivel head)

The Lift has gone through testing to confirm engineering calculations and has been tested to failure. The root cause of the failure has been analyzed and the design has been changed to improve capacity. The failure point on the lift exceeds the rating of the lift and an unpublished service factor has been established. It is not published for consumer evaluation as that could be construed as an endorsement for additional capacity on the lift.

LR Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly

The Let's Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly is an easy-rolling motorcycle dolly for precise movement to store motorcycles - big and small. Works especially well for cruiser and touring size motorcycles. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Especially Great for Large Cruiser Brands

Technical Specs:

  • Dolly bike frame measurements: 18″ Wide (outside dimensions), 14″ (inside dimensions)
  • Total dolly length: 35″
  • The industrial rubber composition provides the cross-linking that gives incredible resilience, flexibility, and durability. The excellent material properties come from a molecular mesh structure that makes it unbeatable in terms of elasticity and resistance to aging.
  • Zero-scuff™ 4” Caster design.
  • Scissor Lift Specs: 14L x 12W x 4.25H” – Resting position 14L x 12W x 10.5H” – Highest point
  • No tie-downs required. No hydraulic leaks.

60-day Money Back Guarantee
Exclusive 5-year Warranty


4 reviews for Let's Roll Package Deal

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    I think this product is outstanding. It’s very well built, easy to use .

    The construction is very heavy duty . The wheels pivot easily and when I put my 850 lbs bike on it it easily moves around my shop.

    The product is so well liked 2 of my friends have bought it for thier bikes .

  2. Bret (verified owner)

    I have a single car garage and there was no way I was going to be able to fit my 2020 FatBoy in there with my car as well. Then a Michigan native told me about Let’s Roll. The lift and dolly was a miracle on wheels! I was able to get my bike on the dolly, easily move it around on my garage and position it right up against the wall without the lean if it were on a kickstand. Now my bike and car both fit in my garage, and I easily walk between. Best money I’ve spent on my bike (except for the bike itself!).

  3. Charlie (verified owner)

    Love this product, built very well( better than some car hitches).
    Makes moving my Ultra Classic in the basement effortlessly and easy, no more 50 point K turns.
    Recommend everyone has one for their rides.

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting one for winter storage. I have a Electra Glide Ultra and Road Glide Ultra in a smaller garage that I spend allot of winter hours in working on them. Last week I went the cheaper route on a dolly and scissor jack. The day I received them I put my Road Glide on the dolly. At the lowest point my wheels were about 6” off the ground and I could hardly roll it. I then ordered the Let it Roll package. The difference in quality and stability is amazing. Lesson learned.

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