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Hear and see for yourself what customers say about the Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly and Lift! 

“My 2017 Harley Ultra Limited is a big, heavy big. I don’t have a lot of room and I was constantly having to move things in and out of the garage to make working space.

When I saw the Let’s Roll Cruiser, I was thrilled. I have other wheeled stands for sportbikes, but couldn’t find one I had confidence in until I saw the Facebook advertisement for The Let’s Roll store.

When I received the cruiser and scissor jack, I was very impressed with the workmanship of both. I immediately put my bike up on the dolly and the result was the video I showed you.

Fantastic. I am trying to talk my wife into getting another one for her Sportster!

Great product, American Made! Absolutely happy and impressed with the dolly and I am certain I will be using it for years to come!

Thank you!” —Shawn Hughes

Superior craftsmanship.


Best product ever for storing your bike. Easiest to use even for a 70+-year-old man.


I finally broke down and bought one..WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG???? this is the best way to move a bike in close quarters that I have found …a very good investment indeed!


Best money I’ve spent . Great product…


I bought one at the Cleveland bike show for my Harley ultra limited. Love how easy it rolls around and how stable the bike is


Perfect. Premium quality product.


I’m extremely happy with mine.


Totally satisfied with mine and had zero problems. Makes it super easy to move my Glide around my shop in these winter months.I especially love it for small jobs and complete detailing work.


I ended up buying 3 because they worked out so well, then ended up purchasing 2 more for my father-in-law! Great product, super sturdy.


I’m totally impressed with this.


Unless you’re going to be removing parts off of the bike and changing the center of gravity, definitely no need to tie it down. This dolly is built solid like a rock.


I love mine.


I thought the same (that it would be cheaper to make my own dolly) but bought one anyway thinking that I would improve any shortcomings. This was after I checked with my welder bud and he said that he couldn’t build it for that price and I had already checked pricing on stouter/locking casters etc…


Check out the Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly and Lift HERE.