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Motorcycle Scissor Lifts: What Capacity Do I Need For My Indian Brand Motorcycle?

Indian Motorcycle produced many of the finest vintage bikes on the market and is still heavily sought by many collectors. Those who want to work on their bikes will need motorcycle scissor lifts that help make a bike more accessible. But what capacity will they need for the typical motorcycle of this type?

Average Indian Motorcycle Specs

Before choosing motorcycle scissor lifts for your Indian motorcycle, it is vital to understand their overall length and weight. These specs help to make it easier to find a lift, giving you the help you need to do simple maintenance on your bike. These specs include:

  • Overall Height –- 56.8 Inches (1.42 Meters)
  • Overall Length –- 101.7 Inches (2.5 Meters)
  • Overall Width –- 39.4 Inches (1 Meter)
  • Seat Height –- 26 Inches (66.6 Centimeters)
  • Weight (Empty Tank) –- 804 Pounds (365 Kilograms)
  • Weight (Full Tank) –- 836 Pounds (379 Kilograms)
  • Wheelbase –- 67 Inches (1.7 Meters)

These specifications may vary based on the Indian Motorcycle model that you own. After all, Indian Motorcycle started making bikes in 1895, making it one of the oldest bike manufacturers. As a result, they’ve had many models over the years. However, these specifications should give you a good start.

Choosing the Best Lift

Try to find a lift that has more than enough capacity for your Indian Motorcycle. For instance, many lifts have the power to raise 1,000 to 1,200 pounds (453 to 544 kilograms), which is more than enough for the bike mentioned above. Having this extra lifting power will ensure you don’t strain the lift or watch in horror as your motorcycle collapses onto the ground before you.

Also, make sure that your lift is easy to operate and doesn’t require special skills. Most will have a single bar that you can twist with your hands (or a wrench) to lift your bike. This bar will lock into place when not turned, making it easier to get underneath your motorcycle. Make sure to avoid using impact wrenches, however, as these may damage many scissor lift models.

Make Sure You Test Your Lift

After buying motorcycle scissor lifts for your Indian bike, you must make sure that it is appropriately balanced and capable of working for your needs. If your bike doesn’t fit properly, you need to reach out to the manufacturer and see if they can create an option more suited for your model.

Don’t delay in getting a scissor lift for your Indian motorcycle. You could save yourself a lot of hassle and time, and you could better look after your prized ride.

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