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Motorcycle Lifts Make Home Maintenance Possible

Bikers who take the time to learn how to properly maintain their motorcycles and obtain parts at less than factory prices can save a bundle on regular maintenance. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to change the oil in the cooler, transmission, and primary, skilled home mechanics could do it for a fraction of the cost. The same goes for tire changes, brake pad swaps, and other commonly done maintenance. Investing in a quality lift with ample lift capacity can help any biker have a great experience with their bike’s maintenance.

Using a Motorcycle Lift

Mechanics need the right tools to do any mechanical work properly. That includes regular maintenance and occasional repairs on Harley-Davidsons and other big-bore road bikes. A good motorcycle lift is the right tool to do quality work on any heavy and big-bore motorcycle. Lifts come in many varieties. Whenever using one, it is always smart to use tie-downs to secure the bike before raising it to do work.

Some motorcycle lifts enable the bike to roll up onto a deck and where they can be raised upward with either compressed air or a hydraulic pedal. That helps the mechanic to work while standing upright and saves a lot of wear and tear on the back. Other lifts can go under a motorcycle and lift either part of the bike or all of it. Those are good for changing one tire or doing work on the front or rear of the bike without lifting all of it.

Check the Lift Capacity

Before using a motorcycle lift, the mechanic has to make sure the bike does not exceed the lift’s maximum weight. Many big-bore cruisers and baggers are very heavy and could exceed or come close to surpassing the maximum weight recommended for the safe use of a motorcycle lift.

Most motorcycle lifts will raise the bike by about 30 inches. But the lifts usually require at least three inches of clearance to get under the motorcycle. So, heavy motorcycles that are equipped with lowering kits might not work with some lifts. With the correct lift, it becomes much easier to work on bikes and save money.

Invest in a motorcycle lift today and enjoy working on your bike without any back pain. The maintenance you perform will go that much more smoothly, allowing you to see everything with ease. Get in touch with us today to find the right lift for you.

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