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Safest Motorcycle Storage Solution

Developing a Secure and Safe Storage System Has Been Rewarding

This blog is part 3 in a series of 10 about motorcycle storage.

The Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly and Let’s Roll lift are the perfect solution for when you are ready for your next ride if it is resting on a dolly and you want to quickly head out. All you do is spin your motorcycle around, take it off the dolly and ride out.

let's roll zero-scuff casters

The Zero-scuff™ casters don’t mark the floor and create ugly black marks, it has everything you need built into the perfect motorcycle storage with a dolly and lift solution.

We Researched The Competitors

When developing the Perfect Motorcycle Storage, we made sure it solved all the issues we had previously experienced with a competitor’s model. We knew it had to have large 4” casters, it also had to be built from a 10-gauge tubular steel frame to make it solid and sturdy. We added industrial non-slip rubber to make sure the bike wouldn’t slide on the dolly or lift. This means you can easily put your bike on and off with confidence by yourself.

This perfect motorcycle storage is especially useful if you own more than one bike because they both can sit straight up on their dollies and be stored side-by-side. 

Why You Ride

Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom. You are in total control of the moment, and there are no set limits to stop you.

more joy after the ride -safe storage after motorcycle trips

Yet, all good things must come to an end…or does it?

No, it doesn’t, because now when you get home after having an amazing ride, you can end with the perfect motorcycle storage.

That is why having a Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly and Let’s Roll lift is the perfect compliment to your valuable motorcycle. The set up is fast, easy and allows you to simply push your motorcycle anywhere you want so it is out of the way. Then when you are ready for your next ride, all you do is spin your motorcycle around, take it off the dolly and head out.

One of the main things your motorcycle does is take up a lot of space when it’s on its kickstand. It’s also difficult to get it in the perfect place when you first ride it into your storage place. You turn it off and then move it around as much as you can before kinda giving up and being satisfied with where it is. 

Until someone eventually asks you to politely move it out of the way because you have either taken up too much room or blocked something that is needed behind it!

This is why it makes perfect sense to have your motorcycle on a dolly that has a small footprint taking up minimal room. Allowing you to move it out of the way and not block your storage areas.

Motorcycle Storage with a Small Footprint and Easy Access

Eventually your motorcycle ends up blocking access to something! Which means it causes problems throughout the year and no matter where you park it, someone wants you to move it…

Typically your storage area or garage was not really built for motorcycles to fit in, especially if you are trying to fit it in with your car. If you have limited space, then having a way to easily move your motorcycle or up straight is the perfect solution.

The Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly and Let’s Roll lift is a must-have solution that provides the perfect answer to all of these annoying challenges.

just about can move this motorcycle dolly

The Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly and Let’s Roll lift comes with loads of additional benefits. For example, you can easily turn your motorcycle around and drive out forwards…

After you turn your motorcycle around, you use the lift to take the motorcycle off the dolly, then lower your motorcycle down as it rests back onto its stand by yourself. Then you start it up and off you go…

When you use a lift and dolly, it doesn’t matter how big or heavy your motorcycle is anymore, because once it’s up on the Let’s Roll Cruiser dolly, it becomes light and easy to move. It is also incredibly safe and sturdy. You don’t need to worry about it falling over (yes, no straps needed) and you don’t have to worry about who moves it. So asking someone else to do that job means you can feel secure that your motorcycle will be safe in anyone’s hands.

Will Your Motorcycle Be Safe?

If you own a garage that is limited on space or even if you have space but your motorcycle is always in the way, it can start to cause problems for the whole family.

The perfect solution for domestic harmony is to find a way to maximize the space you have and make it easy for the whole family to move your motorcycle… Otherwise, it’s always going to be you who gets called to go out and move it!

space in your garage is scarce when it comes to storing your motorcycle

When you know that it’s easy and safe for your family to move your motorcycle, it’s so much better because it no longer becomes a hassle. You can rest assured that your bike is safe in someone else’s hands in moving your motorcycle. The design lends itself to the easiest dolly to move because of the 4” zero-scuff casters, industrial rubber, and sleek, low, solid design.  

As a motorcycle owner you know how important it is to always make sure your motorcycle is safe. This is why we designed the Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly and Let’s Roll lift as solid as possible.

The proprietary design for 1-minute setup makes for a quick and easy setup with a ratchet or a drill. The lift then folds back into a solid frame that is easy to store away on the wall or shelf.

The perfect motorcycle storage solution!

The Let’s Roll Cruiser and Lift eBook