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How We Came Up With The Perfect Motorcycle Garage Dolly

This blog is part 2 in a series of 10 about motorcycle storage.

If you have been looking for an easier way to store or move your motorcycle, I’m guessing that you would have Googled for a storage solution and found lots of different options out there. That’s how we first started ourselves. Our Google results showed us some interesting results. There seemed to be some great options but they also had their own challenges! Some want you to ride onto it, put your kickstand down, and then roll it around on small wheels. Others had straps to tie down your bike or required you to lock your front wheel in. Some of the lifts used ball bearings around the main nut and screw mechanism, which means they could fail and you would need replacements. So who wants to pray to the ball-bearing gods each time you store your motorcycle away? There seemed to be something missing …  

There we were with an expensive motorcycle – something we cherish and we knew how heavy it was… 

We wanted something strong – solid – easy to use and move around. This meant we wanted a dolly and a lift combination… the Perfect Motorcycle Storage. 

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first motorcycle garage dolly that failed us

Our choices began to decrease the more we researched…

In the end, through pure desperation, we purchased something made in China and guess what?

It failed to perform, but we ended up using it as an unsatisfied customer…

Unsafe, the combo unit was not secure for our motorcycle at all. Period. The small hard wheels marked our floor and made it very difficult to move around. We could not rest easy with the bike on this.

This is when the Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly was born…

We wanted the perfect solution – something that would hold our motorcycle straight up and secure. Clever in the way it used the weight of the motorcycle to keep it from rolling away on its own. Casters that don’t mark the floor and create those ugly black marks. It needed to be an easy-to-use dolly and lift combination solution that kept the motorcycle safe so we didn’t have to worry about the motorcycle falling.

We wanted to show motorcycles the respect they deserve!

we show your motorcycle the respect it deserves with our motorcycle garage dolly

We all know that if our motorcycle falls over, it can cause some serious damage and it’s hard to pick back up! 

This is why we have created a dolly that can take the weight yet still offer easy rolling movement. Once you lower your bike onto the dolly, you won’t require any locking of your wheels however, we still offer them as standard for your order if you do need them for any reason. No straps to hold it down. It is perfectly secure and safe. 

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Wanted a Small Footprint, Thus Easy to Store on a Wall or Shelf

We have designed the dolly and lift as two separate pieces to allow for additional strength and safety. They are easy to use and easy to store away. This kicks in as an extra benefit if you buy more than one motorcycle as well because all you need to do is buy an additional dolly. Not another dolly-lift combination. 

Made In The USA

We love the idea that we could make the lift and dolly in the USA and that our fabricator ensures the quality is controlled and always at its finest. We know you love your motorcycle as we do and if you are going to use a dolly and lift – it has to be solid and safe so you trust it 100%. 

made in the usa motorcycle garage dolly and lift

Professionally Welded

This is why we made sure the dolly is welded with fixtures professionally. Both are powder coated, with a textured, black matte finish. The dolly just needs a few fasteners to assemble and both are ready to use. To use the lift, all you need is a 7/8″ socket and 1/2″ drive quick release swivel head ratchet or you can use a drill.

Dolly and Lift are Safe, Secure, and Solid

The main thing to remember is that it is built to last – it’s solid – it’s secure – it’s safe – and it’s going to be with you for as long as you have your motorcycle. We offer an exclusive 5-year warranty on the dolly and the lift.

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We have created a simple solution to a simple problem. There is nothing fancy about the Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly and Let’s Roll lift, the Perfect Motorcycle Storage – it simply does the job!

You no longer need to worry about your motorcycle taking up space and you don’t have to worry about it falling over. It even comes in handy when you want to do other activities like maintenance or cleaning. 


Brakes Come Standard

Even though your motorcycle is on the dolly, and won’t roll anywhere, it is still surprisingly easy to move. If you feel that your storage floor has a steeper than average slope, no need to be concerned because we supply wheel brakes as a standard order. Typically all your motorcycle will need is a little push and off it rolls. It’s also very easy to guide in any direction you want or to simply spin it around so you can ride your motorcycle out of your storage facility forwards.

Two Different Heights

The dolly even adjusts into two different height levels off the floor. At 7.5 inches or 9 inches. This means you might want the top notch to get your wheels further from the ground or it comes in handy for maintenance and cleaning.

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