Let’s Roll Much Better Than A Harbor Freight Motorcycle Dolly

This blog is part 5 in a series of 10 about motorcycle storage.

The Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly is a perfect solution and has one of the smallest footprints in the industry. 

As an added safety factor, we include brakes for 2 of the casters for extra precautionary measures.

The dolly is fitted with industrial rubber on the crossbars which means the dolly holds your motorcycle in a solid position so it won’t move at all. Once your motorcycle is up on the dolly it’s not going to slide off. It is incredibly sturdy and safe, and even when moving it around it remains in place. Which means no straps are necessary at all.   

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Let’s Roll Cruiser Dolly Ease Of Use

Once you use the perfect motorcycle storage we know you will never want to go back to just using your kickstand again…

Even if your storage floor has crevices or cracks, you won’t have to worry because the Let’s Roll Cruiser dolly will handle them without a problem.

We also felt it was important to source all the materials from local USA manufacturing facilities, which means that we have control over the quality and sourcing. We have more than 30+ years in engineering, which meant we knew exactly what to use and who to source it from. This also makes it easy for us to do a Lifetime warranty and customer support. We are happy to answer any questions at 801-823-7803 or email sales@letsroll.store.

When it comes to turning the motorcycle around, all 4 wheels swivel around which makes it so easy. This also makes it easy to slide your motorcycle into any position you want with one hand.

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