Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly & Lift Benefits:

  • 1 Person Operation — “Perfect for Domestic Harmony”
  • Proprietary Design for 1-minute Setup
  • Small Footprint
  • No additional hidden fee for repair kits, velcro or tie-downs
  • Our original Zero-scuff™ 4” urethane wheel design
  • No hydraulic system, which means no leaks, stains, or clean-up
  • Dolly and Lift 100% Made in the USA
  • Every shipment comes with your Certificate of Authenticity and our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty 
  • Dolly — 1,200 LB Capacity; Lift – 1,100 LB Capacity
  • Veterans, Current Military, and First Responders get 5% off
  • Heavy-duty 10-gauge tubular steel construction
  • Super stable; your motorcycle won’t shift on the frame. The industrial rubber composition provides the cross-linking that gives incredible resilience, flexibility, and durability. The excellent material properties come from a molecular mesh structure that makes it unbeatable in terms of elasticity and resistance to aging
  • Super easy to move and doesn’t get hung up on concrete seams
  • Bike tires are off the ground and the weight is off the suspension
  • The bike is upright, resting on the frame, not the kickstand
  • Adjustable height
  • Powder-coated to a textured black, matte finish
  • NEW—Indian Motorcycle Adapter Plate for those who have the ThunderStroke T111 and T116 engine. Go here for details

Dolly Features:

Your bike is no longer heavy and in the way because it is on the Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly. Feels light, secure, sturdy, and easy to move. Anyone can move it!

Stable and upright with our original zero-scuff™ 4” urethane wheel design, they will not mark your epoxy or concrete floor.

Solid design frame that is fabricated in the USA using 10-gauge tubular steel and hand welded, using precision weld fixtures. 1,200 lb capacity.

The industrial rubber composition on the cross bars provide the cross-linking that gives incredible resilience, flexibility, and durability. The excellent material properties come from a molecular mesh structure that makes it unbeatable in terms of elasticity and resistance to aging.

Durable textured black, matte powder-coat.

Two adjustments for crossbars: measure 7.5″ AND 9″ from the floor.

Standard dolly comes with 2 casters installed with brakes.

35.25L (wheels tucked in) x 18W x 9H” (highest setting- 7.75H” lowest setting)


lets roll dolly for motorcycles

Dolly Benefits:

More space in your storage area.

Can easily organize and move your bike wherever you want, even in front of your car!

Takes up less space in your storage area. You can easily access your stuff without worrying your motorcycle will fall over if you or someone accidentally hits it.

Easy to assemble: 4 wheels, 2 come standard with brakes, 2 crossbars attach to the main dolly frame with nuts and bolts and instructions. Plus a Certificate of Authenticity!

Made in the USA.
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty 

Scissor Lift Features:

Same industrial rubber as the dolly on the top of the lift that makes it unbeatable in terms of elasticity and resistance to aging. The bike is very secure on the rails of the lift, so it will not slide.

The Lift has gone through testing to confirm engineering calculations and has been tested to failure. The root cause of the failure has been analyzed and the design has been changed to improve capacity. The failure point on the lift exceeds the rating of the lift and an unpublished service factor has been established. It is not published for consumer evaluation as that could be construed as an endorsement for additional capacity on the lift.

Easily raises and lowers utilizing a 7/8″ standard or deep well socket with a ratchet or a drill.

Raise your motorcycle in less than one minute.

Lower the motorcycle back onto the kickstand.

Durable textured black powder-coat.


14 L x 12 W x  3.75H” at the resting point
14 L x 12 W x  12H” at the highest point

1,100 LB Capacity

Made in the USA.

Exclusive Lifetime Warranty 


lets roll lift for motorcycles

Scissor Lift Benefits:

It lifts the motorcycle from its kickstand so it only requires one person. The bike is lifted straight vertically not cantilevered.

Slides easily between the rails of the dolly when taking it off the dolly.

Lightweight (24 lbs) and easy to store on the wall or a shelf.

Easy Storage: Small Footprint

scissor lift hanging on wall
scissor lift hanging on wall
the lets roll certificate of authenticity

Every package deal and or dolly receives their very own Certificate of Authenticity!

Minutes to get your motorcycle on the dolly!

How to use the Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly and Let’s Roll Lift.

We Show Motorcycles The Respect They Deserve


[SAVE $121]

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Lifetime Warranty

lets roll package deal


“My 2017 Harley Ultra Limited is a big, heavy big. I don’t have a lot of room and I was constantly having to move things in and out of the garage to make working space.

When I saw the Let’s Roll Cruiser, I was thrilled. I have other wheeled stands for sportbikes, but couldn’t find one I had confidence in until I saw the Facebook advertisement for The Let’s Roll store.

When I received the cruiser and scissor jack, I was very impressed with the workmanship of both. I immediately put my bike up on the dolly and the result was the video I showed you.

Fantastic. I am trying to talk my wife into getting another one for her Sportster!

Great product, American Made! Absolutely happy and impressed with the dolly and I am certain I will be using it for years to come!

Thank you!” —Shawn Hughes

Superior craftsmanship.


Best product ever for storing your bike. Easiest to use even for a 70+-year-old man.


I finally broke down and bought one..WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG???? this is the best way to move a bike in close quarters that I have found …a very good investment indeed!


Got mine last week and like others have said “Why did I wait so long?” Love it, Love it, Love it !!! Should have gotten it a long time ago! Thank you to Let’s Roll!!!


I got the combo package for my police Electra glide. I have a stamped concrete driveway that I roll it on. The bike rolls and moves without issue. Glad I got it so much easier to store. Bonus is it also works for my victory Vegas ness.


I bought one at the Cleveland bike show for my Harley ultra limited. Love how easy it rolls around and how stable the bike is


Perfect. Premium quality product.


I’m extremely happy with mine.


Totally satisfied with mine and had zero problems. Makes it super easy to move my Glide around my shop in these winter months.I especially love it for small jobs and complete detailing work.


I got mine a few months ago and I can’t recommend it enough. Too expensive? What’s your bike worth if it falls over? I can do it cheaper another way? Your choice. This keeps my bike secure and able to be moved around my garage for cleaning, service or just storing out of the way. REALLY happy I bought it AND the high quality scissor jack as well.


I’m totally impressed with this.


Unless you’re going to be removing parts off of the bike and changing the center of gravity, definitely no need to tie it down. This dolly is built solid like a rock.


I ended up buying 3 because they worked out so well, then ended up purchasing 2 more for my father-in-law! Great product, super sturdy.


I have two Harleys….a Dyna and an Ultra Classic. I purchased your dolly and lifter and it was the best purchase I made for my bikes. I will be buying another dolly for my Dyna when the hot weather arrives in June out here in AZ. It absolutely increased my available garage space by at least 25% because I can easily reposition the bikes any way I need to and recover more space. I also have an epoxy floor and the dolly’s wheels are ideal for it. Good product.


Got mine Saturday for my 2019 street glide, best 500 dollars I have ever spent.


I thought the same but bought one anyway thinking that I would improve any shortcomings. This was after I checked with my welder bud and he said that he couldn’t build it for that price and I had already checked pricing on stouter/locking casters etc…


I love mine.


R.A. —I like it but at the cost and without the scissor lift is a deal-breaker.

D.S.—They have a new scissor lift available now that equals the excellent quality and sturdiness of the dolly. They make an excellent pair. I HIGHLY recommend both. Sure, it’s not cheap, but in this case, you really get what you pay for. I have zero worries it will hold both my bikes without fail.

Great purchase. 


I have FLHTP 2019, first time using this I was a little apprehensive jacking it up, had a friend of mine helping. Finding the balance point took a couple of tries, also moving a 1000 pound Harley by myself took a little doing, but when it starts moving it glides real easy. Oh by the way I’m 74 years old and still ride, my riding buddy is 77 YO. Money well spent.


Love what you see…