Finding The Best Motorcycle Jack And Dolly

This blog is part 7 in a series of 10 about motorcycle storage.

One of the best things about the Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle storage solution is that you are now in complete control of the storage space where your motorcycle resides. 

Once the dolly is assembled and the lift is out of the box and you have your motorcycle in place on its kickstand you are ready to get started using the Let’s Roll Cruiser motorcycle dolly and Let’s Roll lift.

You raise your bike up with the Let’s Roll Lift just high enough from the opposite side of the kickstand; now slide your dolly in place from the kickstand side, and lower the bike down onto the dolly. Now you are ready to roll your bike around wherever you wish!

Sturdy and Safe Motorcycle Jack Stand

industrial rubber makes all the difference on the best motorcycle jack stand - let's roll cruiser dolly and let's roll lift

The first thing you will notice is how sturdy the dolly and lift are. The crossbars on which your bike rests have industrial rubber that will not allow your bike to move, slide, budge, etc. This same rubber is provided on the lift as well. Whether you are storing it or taking it outside to clean, you can put it on the appropriate level that suits you. 

The industrial rubber composition provides the cross-linking that gives incredible resilience, flexibility, and durability. The excellent material properties come from a molecular mesh structure that makes it unbeatable in terms of elasticity and resistance to aging.

Don’t forget, the cool black matte textured powder coat finish and the fact that you don’t need any annoying tie-downs, worry about hydraulic leaks, or failing ball bearings is a bonus! 

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Let’s Roll Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly is easy to assemble and with the easy to follow instructions can be assembled within minutes. 

let's roll crusier best motorcycle dolly and jack stand on an epoxy floor where the dolly will move like on glass

What Gets Delivered To You

It comes in two parts, the lift, and the dolly. When you unpack each box they come with their own instructions. The Dolly is easy to assemble: 4 casters with bolts and washers, and the 2 crossbars attach to the main dolly frame with nuts and bolts. All you need is a standard ¾ inch wrench to put the casters on and then attach the crossbars with a 9/19 inch wrench for the dolly. 

The Lift is already assembled, so all you need to do is check and make sure that the bolt is well lubricated, especially at the end for easy movement.

You are ready for action!

How To Use The Motorcycle Jack (Lift)

Simply put the lift under the motorcycle on the frame centered from the opposite side of the kickstand, then raise your motorcycle in less than one minute using a 7/8″ standard or deep well socket with a ratchet. A drill is okay too. Here is a VIDEO to watch on how to use them.

This lifts the motorcycle from its kickstand so it only requires one person. The bike is lifted straight vertically not cantilevered.

Make sure that the lift is centered properly on the frame of the bike so that the wheels are equally lifted together. Once it is high enough to get the dolly under the bike then roll the dolly under the motorcycle from the opposite side. 

Lower the lift until it is no longer in contact with your motorcycle. Pull it out and store it away on a shelf or hook. Then you are ready to roll!

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Now you can push and store your motorcycle wherever you like.

Once your motorcycle is on the dolly it is upright and off the wheels, which means it is no longer in the way!

If you are the proud owner of several motorcycle’s this is where the magic happens…

Being able to move all your bikes around makes life so much easier. The other benefit is that you only need one Let’s Roll Lift for all of the dollies.

hang your let's roll cruiser lift on your wall to get it out of the way. small footprint

This saves some money as well as saving space…

The other main benefit is that you don’t end up with one big bulky piece of ugly equipment. The reason why we separated the lift from the dolly was for engineering purposes as well as practical purposes. Your lift and dolly are light enough to hang on the wall or on a shelf out of the way when not in use. Plus a small footprint to boost!

When using the lift we recommend only using a 7/8″ standard or deep well socket with a ratchet or a drill. Typically it takes a few minutes to lift your bike.

If you are anything like our other customers, you might be thinking that a hand ratchet isn’t the best way to lift such a heavy motorcycle! However, it is a 1-person, 1-minute operation using a ratchet, even faster using a drill. DO NOT use a pneumatic drill for it could easily strip the bolt and lower your motorcycle too quickly and could cause damage to your bike and the lift.

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The way we have designed the lift it can actually glide up with minimal effort and the more you use it the easier it moves.

You will see this in the video series we have created. Anyone can do it!

And when it’s up on the dolly, just about anyone in your family can move your motorcycle about without any problems.

With the combination of saving space and ease of movement, the whole family will be happy. If someone wants to get to the storage behind your motorcycle, no problem, with a simple push, your motorcycle will glide along the floor allowing access to anything you need. So no more arguments about space and no more arguments about being in the way of storage – Happy life.

We have purposely engineered the lift and dolly for ease of use and storage. When your motorcycle is up on the dolly its safety is paramount and is a core focus of the product.

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