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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Motorcycle Scissor Lift

Invest in a Motorcycle Lift (Jack)

Motorcycle enthusiasts often share a unique connection with their bikes. It’s an unexplainable bond that transcends stature, riding style, or brand elitism. The rare connection would be impossible to achieve without a properly functioning bike. As such, avid riders know the importance of having a motorcycle dolly and lift in their garage.

Transform Your Maintenance Routine With Motorcycle Scissor Lifts

Your two-wheeler may be notorious for requiring more attention and maintenance than the typical car. You may need to routinely inspect your bike for any mechanical issues, change oils, and perform basic cosmetic upgrades. A dolly is a critical piece of motorcycle gear that you need to have in your garage to ease your maintenance routines.

Here are five benefits of investing in a motorcycle scissor lift.

1. It Helps Organize Your Garage Space

Trying to maneuver around your bike with wrenches at hand in your small garage can be hectic and stressful. Motorcycle scissor lifts allow you to hoist your bike up to reach previously inaccessible parts. You may not have to rearrange or shuffle the items in your garage before bringing in your bike for storage over the winter. You can maintain a less cluttered workspace to help you work on your favorite two-wheeler.

2. Helps Protect Your Investment

A motorcycle scissor lift or dolly provides an excellent storage solution for your bikes. You can place your bike on the platform and leave it over the winter when you aren’t riding it. You can prevent air pressure loss and reduce flat mark issues. You can protect your investment as you bring it in for storage in between your trips. Industrial rubber composition on the plate fit can reduce slippage. Harnesses and a lock caster can help further secure your bike.

3. Safer Routine Maintenance

Inappropriate lifting techniques for your bike can leave you with an aching back, or worse a trip to the ER. A motorcycle scissor lift ensures that you do not have to perform risky bends and turns when working on your bike. The motorcycle remains upright, resting on the frame and not the kickstand as you tinker away. The scissor lift can prevent the bike from toppling over on either side or falling on you.

4. Allows for Easier Hoisting for Your Heavy Bike

Most bike enthusiasts with heavy beasts may have a challenge hoisting them to perform checks and upgrades on the underside. Motorcycle scissor lifts make it easier to lift your bike off the ground before taking a shot at it. Lifts are typically made of steel and powered by air or hydraulic cylinders. The mechanism allows the equipment to handle load capacities of up to 1500 lbs (680kg).

5. Allows the Use of Specialized Tools and Equipment

Scissor lifts allow the use of specialized tools and equipment that would otherwise not be possible to use if your bike was on the ground. With scissor lifts, it is possible to work on motorcycles while they’re in a vertical position which allows for people with special needs or those who cannot bend down very well due to age, injury, or disability much easier access to their motorcycle’s parts and components.

6. You Enjoy More Convenience

Motorcycle scissor lifts may also prevent you from getting stained by dust or oils as you lie on the ground to work on the bike. You can inspect the details on your bike more closely and with less strain than when on the ground.

Motorcycle lift scissors are critical tools that every bike enthusiast needs to own. Streamline and safeguard your routine maintenance procedures with a motorcycle dolly investment. To know more about the type and model of lift to pick, reach out to Let’s Roll.

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