5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Motorcycle Dolly

How to Buy a Motorcycle Dolly

A dolly is one of the most critical pieces of equipment for any motorcycle enthusiast’s garage. At some point, you may have had to shuffle items in your garage for your bike to fit. It can be frustrating trying to maneuver in tight spaces. A motorcycle dolly acts like a metal ramp on wheels, allowing you to push the bike around after securing it in place.

Picking Out the Right Motorcycle Dolly for Sale

The motorcycle lift is an essential tool to guaranteeing an organized garage. You may need to think through different factors before making your order for a new unit. Here are five key questions to guide your selection process.

1. What’s The Dolly’s Weight Capacity?

Dollies are constructed with a maximum load limit that users need to observe. You may need to ensure that the motorcycle lift you pick can accommodate the weight of your bike. However, do not go overboard to get an unnecessarily large dolly as it will make it heavier to push around. You may also think about the future and the bikes that you may own. If you intend to swap your current Harley for a heavier one in the coming months, getting a motorcycle lift with a higher weight capacity may be a wise idea.

2. Which Dolly Type is Right for You?

There are essentially three types of motorcycle dollies to choose from: scissor center stands, fixed and adjustable dollies. Motorcycle scissor lift models are excellent for lower-weight machines that pick up the bikes from a center stand or the middle frame. A fixed dolly is an excellent option for heavy machines having a larger frame and bigger weight capacity. An adjustable dolly secures the bike from the rear wheel and the kickstand, making them an excellent option for tight spaces.

3. How Strong is the Construction?

You may need to figure out the material used to construct the dolly. The quality of the construction may affect the lift capacity, durability, and functionality of the motorcycle lift. Look out for models that feature full steel construction, as they are heavier, reliable, and durable. However, you may have to bear the weight as you maneuver the bike around. Aluminum dollies are lightweight but may limit you to the maximum weight capacity.

4. How Much Does the Motorcycle Dolly Cost?

Another critical factor to keep in mind is your budget. Heavy-duty models may attract a higher price tag but may pay back with longer service life. Remember not to compromise on quality when it comes to the final price. Find a motorcycle dolly that has the desired qualities that match your motorcycle needs the make your budget fit. Poor construction may have you back in the market for a new lift in no time.

5. What Do Other Motorcycle Enthusiasts Say About the Dolly?

An easier way to find quality dollies for your motorcycle is to read reviews and comments from other motorcycle enthusiasts that have used the dollies from a specific manufacturer. You can learn what to expect and which models to avoid from online forums, review sites, or the manufacturer’s website. A motorcycle dolly is an essential accessory that every garage should have. To help you pick out the right dolly size for your bike or for motorcycle accessories, reach out to Let’s Roll today.

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